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Lawn Care Service




Lawns need regular mowing to look their best. Get a great-looking lawn with Mowbot, the robotic lawn service that’s as good for the environment as it is for your grass.



Keep your commercial properties looking their best while reducing your carbon footprint with our robotic mowing services.

Additional Services


Aeration involves perforating the soil with small holes to allow air, water, and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots. This helps the roots grow deeply and produce a stronger, healthier lawn.  Depending on your type of grass this would be done in the Spring or Fall.


Fertilization provides your lawn with needed nutrients for healthy growth.  This can be done at different times throughout the year, depending on your grass type and the health of your lawn.


Over seeding is offered in combination with aeration to make your lawn greener and more dense.

Pre & Post Emergent and Lime Treatment

We offer pre- and post-emergents to keep the weeds under control. Some yards may also need lime treatment to create better soil and to reduce weeds.


We can add mulch or pine needles to your flower beds and around your trees.

Bushes & Shrubs

We offer shrub and hedge trimming as well as tree pruning.

Robotic Lawn Care Service USA

Converting the landscape sector to renewable energy

We are transforming landscaping into land emigration at Unique A.I.M. With our cutting-edge technology installed in robot mowers; you can take care of all of your lawn care requirements with the push of a button. Therefore, you won’t have to deal with the high expenses of typical lawn care services, the inconveniences of uneven mowing, or the harm regular lawn mowers do to the environment.

When you let us take care of it, mowing your lawn is simple. With Unique A.I.M’s residential landscape maintenance services, our professionals will take care of your lawn-care responsibilities while you have more time for relaxing and other vital activities.

Less Expensive

There are many services offered by Unique A.I.M, and they often cost the same as or less than your normal commercial lawn care service. Whether you only need a robotic mower to cut your lawn continually or you prefer our services to perform extra tasks like aeration, fertilizing, mulching, and seeding. We offer specialized services to meet your unique demands.

Why it is beneficial for your lawn

In order to fulfill your lawn’s needs, our robotic mowers use the most recent technology, creating a lawn that is healthier, more resilient, and noticeably greener. Because AIM 1 prevents cross-contamination, your lawn will need less fertilizer and irrigation.

Why it is good for the environment

With the use of robotic mowers and battery-powered machinery, AIM 1 reduces pollution, energy use, and noise. Traditional lawn care tools still significantly rely on fossil fuels, which contribute to the US’s air pollution.

How our services are beneficial for you

Utilizing cutting-edge technology, Unique A.I.M offers exceptional customer service while keeping track of our mowers and communicating with our clients. Your lawn is the first thing your clients notice. We will make sure your grass stays healthy and is always freshly mowed using our autonomous lawn mower. Additionally, our landscaping specialists are available to handle any trimming, edging, or blowing tasks and to service your lawn mower as necessary.

What We Offer

Interested in being a partner? Here’s what we offer manufacturers:

Our partnership allows you to introduce your products to an increasing number of lawn and landscape companies.

Increased Sales

Thanks to our participation in Shark Tank and ongoing involvement in industry workshops and panels, we’re able to attract a large number of landscaping customers—reducing your acquisition costs.

Lower Customer Acquistion Costs

Powered by Robin™ subscribers are more open-minded and willing to try new products and give you feedback.

Access to Early Adopters

Through collaboration, we can turn your existing stand-alone products into managed, professional products that our platform supports—helping you expand to new markets with very little effort.

Conversion Expertise