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Automatic Mower
Auto Lawnmowers

Limited Reservations Now Open In Central and South Florida.

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Autonomous Lawn Mower

AIM 1 Autonomous Lawn Mower powered by the latest Artificial Intelligence Technology providing a seamless Mowing experience. Learn more today!


On Demand Traditional Mowing Service

We also provide a scheduled Traditional Mowing Service for your Lawn as a stand alone service or add on to your AIM 1 Plan.


On Demand Lawn Treatments ( Fertilizer or Weed Control )

This Service/Treatment is a must for the best looking lawn! Schedule this service via our App as necessary or throughout the changing Seasons.


On Demand Edging

While our Robots cut to the edge of your Lawn… Only our Humans can do the edging around the sidewalks and driveways. This service is available on demand or as a subscription.


Through strategic business partnerships with local Providers and a reputable manufacture, UNIQUE A.I.M is bringing new Autonomous Technology to all of our Residential and Commercial clients.

Our subscription based model handles all of the cost and worry associated with care and maintenance of new technology.
That’s our Worry Free Guarantee!


Together we can do our part and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels which currently power of the landscaping industry.

Robotic Lawn Mowers Usa

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AIM Robotic Lawn Mower

Bringing Traditional Lawn Mowing to an End

You have found the ideal spot if you are looking for a great and dependable lawn care service. At Unique A.I.M, we operate in a unique way. We are changing the lawn care industry by applying high technology to a historically low-tech industry. From one-time lawn mowing to continuing lawn care maintenance and garden clean up, our qualified and independent lawn specialists will offer a lawn care service that is precisely matched to your lawn’s needs.

Lawn care is a science, and at Unique A.I.M, we take pride in being at the forefront of the sector. Since every lawn is different and presents its own problems due to climate, grasses, growing seasons, and soil types, we do not feel that one solution fits all. We will pair you up with a knowledgeable and seasoned lawn care professional who will do wonders for your garden.

Even a self-propelled lawn mower can be laborious and time-consuming to push. What if the lawn mower propelled itself? The AIM1 autonomous lawn mower offers you a seamless mowing experience and has a number of benefits.

  • Robot lawn mowers, AIM1, are practical lawn mowers that can be controlled and programmed from a mobile device via Bluetooth.
  • The robot will keep a constant cutting height throughout the growing season of your turf while the mower makes regular and shallow cuts.
  • Robotic mowers are an environmentally responsible way to mow the lawn since they consume less energy, make less noise, and emit fewer greenhouse gases.
  • Another benefit of robotic lawn mowers over conventional ones is their portability. They work nearly silently and with less motor power than full-size electric mowers due to their smaller cutting decks and lighter razor blades.
  • Robotic lawn mowers require little upkeep. There is no need to replace plugs, refill the gas, or change the oil. Due to this, robotic lawn mowers require low maintenance.
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