How to buy a Unique Robot or Service

Talk to an Agent, select your service(s), select appointment date and get ready for your professional installation, service or buy.

Step 1. Call or Text

Talk to test with our Agents to get started

After just a few questions, our Unique Agents will get to know your Lawn and help you decide on the best service for you!            
* Ask our Agent if you are eligible for our “Name Your Price Plan Promo”

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Step 2. Eligibility

Welcome to a Unique Family!
Your eligible for the the Future of Lawn Care.

Wether it’s our Robotic Lawn Care Program or our Traditional Lawn Care Service, we will simplify your Life and help you go Green.

– If you were eligible for our Unique Robotic Lawn Service our Agents will help you decide on additional traditional services such as edging you may want and reserve your Installation Date. (Space is limited )
– If you chose our traditional Lawn Care Service we will help build your Service Plan and set you up with your first appointment and recurring schedule.

*Free AIM 1 Robot Lawnmower with 2 Year Service Agreement and $299 Installation Fee.

See terms and conditions for more details.


Step 3. Install or service


Get your Mower Installed by a Professional or Prepare for your Service Appointments.

Professional Installation and Service is included in our Autonomous and Traditional Plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our AIM 1 Mower and Plans are the easiest way to a green, healthy and beautiful lawn. Beyond that, it provides a homeowner and property managers with valuable time gained through automation while increasing property value.

Absolutely not! AIM 1 Products are designed so to be very user friendly and we are available to assist you Via Chat daily.

Yes. Since AIM 1 runs on batteries, there are no emissions generated by our mower. It’s energy consumption is minimal. Although operating costs depend on the size of your lawn, it’s usually only $20 to $50 per mowing season, depending on the amount of electricity consumed.

You don’t! One of our experienced technicians will come install the Boundary Wire and educate you on its operation. Depending on your lawn size, it can take 2-5 hours.

No. The wire can be laid upon the ground using the supplied staples and will after some weeks be grown over and will blend well into the grass. A good tip is to cut the grass as short as possible at the perimeter in order to get the wire as close as possible to the ground. However, if you wish to bury the wire from the beginning, you can, the suggested depth is 1-6 inches.

Our AIM 1 Robots start at $1,000 without our Subscription Plans. With our Plans they are free with the Installation Fee and Subscription.

If required we can install 2 or more autonomous lawn mowers, this option will be discussed with you depending on your lawn size.

Yes. If you can mow a lawn with a traditional mower, AIM 1 can mow it, too. During the installation process, you and the installer will outline areas the mower should ignore, including flowerbeds, bushes, water features and more!

Yes! AIM 1 is designed to withstand wet, rainy weather. However, we recommend you bring the mower inside during extreme weather conditions to prolong its safe operation and reliability.

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